Boxed Lunches

Budget Deli Box


Select any one of the deli combo sandwiches:
Sliced Turkey, American Cheese, Lettuce & Mayo OR Sliced Ham, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce & Mustard

Carolina Beach Box


A mountain of our gourmet shrimp salad served with lettuce in a wrap

Chicken Salad Box


A large scoop of our gourmet chicken salad and lettuce in a wrap

Fresh Salad Box


Select any one of our delicious specialty salads
*add sliced grilled chicken, a scoop of gourmet chicken or shrimp salad for $3 per person

Grilled Veggie Box


Roasted garlic hummus, grilled vegetables and balsamic reduction in a wrap

Market St. Box


Fresh turkey breast with provolone, red peppers and pesto on ciabatta

The Bird & Brie Box


Sliced chicken, brie cheese, bacon & apple butter

Wrightsville Beef Box


Sliced roast beef, Swiss cheese, Dijon, Mixed Greens on Sourdough